About You

Your business success is vital to you, not only that but as a Business Owner or Managing Director your business is a reflection of your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Your business is just like a child and will go through all of the same stages birth, adolescence maturity but hopefully not death!

But like any child it will go through challenges, growth spurts and growth pains and will at times no doubt cause you sleepless nights, exasperate and frustrate you.

But your business, if correctly started and managed, can also be personally rewarding, a source of pride, satisfaction and fulfilment. Most importantly it can also provide a good and secure continuous income.

So how do you avoid or minimise the problems that many businesses, Owners or Managing Director seem to face?

The answer has not changed over the past eighteen years that I have been an adviser, mentor, consultant and trainer to businesses from Start-Up through Survival, Maturity and Growth stages.

Those businesses who obtain training, advice or mentoring are much more successful. In fact research has shown that 3 or 4 out of 5 business owners who obtain this support will survive. Unsurprisingly the same research indicates that of the businesses that don’t utilise support 4 out of 5 do not survive even the first year!

That is the reason why this blog exists, at the very least I want to provide a source of free information, advice, guidance together with some training and linkage to other sources of support.

So please use this as blog a guide to help you take your business through the various stages and challenges that you will want to plan for and to avoid the problems before they happen.